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Mr. Hao (Technical Director)

The former vice president and technical director of Hongray Group is a benchmark mentor in the disposable glove industry.

For disposable  gloves,Mr Hao have more than 30 years of experience in technology and production of disposable nitrile gloves and Disposable Vinyl glove.

It has made significant contributions to the development and innovation of the disposable glove industry.

Currently, he is the technical director and production consultant of Cangsu Medical, making outstanding contributions to the construction and production of Cangsu Medical.


Since the demand for gloves has increased sharply in 2020, the disposable glove industry has faced a rigorous test and new opportunities. Mr. Hao has taken a long-term view and strengthened new product development and technological upgrading.


After unremitting efforts in research and development and testing, we have successfully developed disposableBlend nitrile gloves, disposableBlend nitrile high-elastic fingertextured gloves, etc., alleviating the demand for nitrile gloves in domestic and foreign markets.


Cangsu Medical Factory strictly follows Mr. Hao's instructions and production requirements to control product quality and strengthen technological innovation to make due contributions to the industrial layout and technological upgrading of the disposable glove industry.


Here, all employees of Cangsu Medical extend their high respect and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Hao.

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