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Dispsoable Vinyl glove

Are polymer disposable plastic gloves and are the fastest growing product in the protective glove industry. Medical staff and food industry service personnel recognize this product because Vinyl gloves are comfortable to wear, flexible to use, do not contain any natural latex ingredients, and will not cause allergic reactions.

-Applicable scope and purpose

Housework, electronic, chemical, aquaculture, glass, food and other factory protection, hospitals, scientific research and other industries; widely used in semiconductors, precision electronic components and instrument installation and operation of viscous metal utensils, high-tech product installation and debugging, Disc actuators, composite materials, LCD display meters, circuit board production lines, optical products, laboratories, hospitals, beauty salons and other fields.

Semiconductors, microelectronics, LCD displays and other static-sensitive objects, clean places such as medical treatment, pharmaceuticals, bioengineering, food and beverages, etc.

-Features of the product

1. It is comfortable to wear and will not cause skin tightness when worn for a long time. Conducive to blood circulation.

2. It does not contain amino compounds and other harmful substances, and rarely causes allergies.

3. Strong tensile strength, puncture resistance and not easy to break.

4. Good airtightness, the most effective way to prevent dust from spreading out.

5. Superior chemical resistance and resistance to a certain pH.

6. There is no silicon content and certain antistatic performance, which is suitable for the production needs of the electronics industry.

7. The surface chemical residue is low, the ion content is low, and the particle content is low, which is suitable for strict clean room environment.

Size Length(mm) Width(mm) Before aging After Aging
Tensile Strength Elongation(%) Tensile Strength Elongation(%)
S(Small) 230±5 85±3 11-14Mpa 320-380% 11-13Mpa 300-350%
M(Medium) 95±3
L(Large) 105±3
XL(extra Large) 115±3

Item Description Item Remark
Type Powder Free and Powdered Application General Protection
Grade Level Examination,Food,Industry Certificate CE
Package 100pcs/box,10boxes/carton Ship Package 1500ctn/20ft,3300ctn/40ft
Box Size 230 x 120 x 62mm Carton Size 320 x 250 x 240 cm
Peculiarty Not tight against the skin,soft and elastic No DOP/DEHP,Acid and Alkali Resistance 9inch

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